Quakes After 90

Episode Description:
/u/philthisisphil and /u/bill_midd from the /r/SJEarthquakes subreddit talk crew pre-match and do a prior game summary on the crew.

This episode we:
Getting to know the enemy thread on /r/TheMassive , comment on the SJ v Col section of The Massive Report podcast.  Then do some formation and player talk.      
1. Answer questions from /r/TheMassive get to know the enemy thread and respond to The Massive Report podcast analysis.
2. Ask questions about what /r/TheMassive subscribers think their starters will be, and why.  
3. Talk Quakes and Crew formations, 
4. Talk Quakes and Crew key players,  
5. Do a game by game quick recap of Crew games 1-4
6. Ask SJ fans to chime in and interact with us here on: Music, Podcast Name, and feedback on our analysis.
Participate with us 
On the SJEarthquakes subreddit or on twitter @philthisisphil @bill_midd
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